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“The present order is the disorder of the future.”


The project is a reflection on the ideas of order and disorder, creation and destruction, stability and change .Or on how we, as individuals, take part in the reality of a space while through our slightest act or behavior constantly transform or question its given form, identity and function.


“The Present Order” is a work conceived as a situation to be experienced as an experiment. Movement in the space is understood as a gesture, metaphoric, sculptural and social. In this sense, the viewer’s position is defined as basically unstable. In an intimate environment of shadows and reflections, questions on the relationship between the spectator and the artwork seem to arise. What consists a socially good behavior inside the “white cube” of the gallery space? Is the human presence the missing element of the work or is it the means of destruction of its fragile equilibrium? What is yet to follow, is left to open to chance and the individual’s readings and reactions, his/her choice to remain passive or active to the space.









the present order


foil paper, spotlight in a 3.20 x 6 m room

Sleeper Gallery, Edinburgh