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“In the entropology of globalization, all management generates abandoned spaces.

All creation as applied force entails negation;all production entails neglect.”
G.Clement, Manifesto of the third landscape

A freestanding wooden corridor with a single opening is placed in the gallery space. Inside it lie wild plants, also known as weeds, that have been randomly collected from several wastelands outside Edinburgh. This wild vegetation is left to grow with the help of neon lights. The semi-artificial garden is revealed only when the visitor, while viewing the work, moves to the backspace of the gallery.

The work was presented as part of my degree show in the MFA Art, Space and Nature in Edinburgh College of Art. It was the outcome of a research on the notion of “the third landscape”, that is the total sum of “unproductive” land within or in the margins of urban areas. Through the reproduction of such a space within the gallery context, the work explored the notion of the “unwanted” as a social and cultural construct and thereforeone embedded with antagonism and conflict.





the condition of (im)possibility


3.60 x 2.10 x 0.30 m wooden corridor, fluorescent lights, pots, wild plants

Tent Gallery, Edinburgh